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"Motherland/Fatherland" Artistamp Exhibition

The Moscow International Forum of Art Initiatives,
Moscow State Exhibition Hall "Novy Manege"
July 11-21, 2002

co-curators of artistamp exhibition:
Natalie Lamanova, Russia
Alexander Kholopov, Russia
James Felter, Canada



...Four years later after "First Moscow Artistamp Exhibition" the process was repeated. Collaborating again with James Felter, Kholopov and Lamanova arranged for an artistamp section to be included in the Moscow International Forum of Art Initiatives, sponsored by the Moscow Committee for Culture at the Moscow International Museum and Exhibition Center. The overall theme for the Forum was Motherland/Fatherland, and invitations were distributed throughout the Mail Art community to submit artistamp works on this theme. Fifty artists from 14 countries were included in the exhibition. The contrast between the Motherland/Fatherland exhibition and The First Moscow Artistamp Exhibition was striking. In addition to the international artistamp artists, a large contingent of Russian artists participated in Motherland/Fatherland, demonstrating the interest generated by the previous exhibition and the encouragement and support Kholopov and Lamanova had lent to their artist friends. Fifteen Russian artists contributed works for the exhibition including Igor Ioganson, Evrica Jungle, Alexander Kholopov, Konstantin Khudyakov, Ivan Kolesnikov, Sergey Denisov, Nikolai Krastchin, Natalie Lamanova, Maria Pozharitskaya, Daria Trotsenko, Alex Tsigal, Slava Vinogradov, Leon Gutman, Juri Gik and Andrej Arkhipov. Narine Zoljan, Arutun Zulumyan and Karen Gasdparian from the former Soviet republic of Armenia, also submitted works, thus raising the participation level of former Soviet artists to nearly one-quarter of the total contributors. Beside the international artists that had previously exhibited in The First Moscow Artistamp Exhibition, those participating in the 2002 exhibition included Daniel Boyer (USA), Uwe Bressem (Germany), Alyce Cornyn-Selby (USA), Franco Piri Focardi (Italy), Bruce Grenville (New Zealand), Leon Gutman (USA), Jeannie Kamins (Canada), Venessa Kister (Brazil), Christoph J. Lopez (USA), Michael Hernandez de Luna (USA), Thomas Lynch (USA), Carolyn S. Martin (USA), Keiichi Nakamura (Japan), Andrew Oleksiuk (USA), Bill Porter (USA), Marie Snell (USA), Mia Spiral (USA), Bill Thomson (Canada), Michael Thompson (USA), Tottom (The Netherlands), Vincent Trasov (Canada), Jang Eun-Chul (South Korea), Seung-Yong Cha (South Korea), Lorri Vaughn (USA), Chuck Welch (USA), Heather Wright (USA) and Carlos Zerpa (Venezuela). Of those participating, there were surprises. Vincent Trasov Mr. Peanut of Image Bank long vacant from the Mail Art scene, made an unexpected appearance, while Michael Thompson and Michael Hernandez de Luna, only recently involved in Mail Art but already established artistamp artists, made a rare showing in the company of their colleagues.

John Held, "World Artistamps" , 2006       

Participants of the artistamp exhibition and their guests in the openning day



More full information about "Motherland/Fatherland" Artistamp Exhibition is here.



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