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"Poziom Wlazy"
(Gates to the Underground)

September, 17 -October, 8, 2003
Centrun Gallery, Novokhutskii Culture Centre NCC

The program"Graphic Art Days" in frameworks of Krakow International Graphic Triennial

Novokhutskii Culture Centre NCC, Krakow, Poland

The first words in the opening were said by prof. Grzhegorz Banashkievich
- participant of 'sewers' project and the initiator of our show in Krakow

Krakow artist Krescenty Glazik, Grzegorz Banashkievich, Natalie Lamanova,
Anna Strycharska - Vice-Prezident of Krakow Graphic Triennial and Alexander Kholopov
(with photo frieze including 420 selected images on background).

125 encrease to full and half size prints of best images were shown on the steps of main staircase of NCC

Creative part of the show includes works by 15 artists, including: N.Krastchin (Rus), S.Vinogradov (Rus), A.Charomskaja (Rus), S.Sangalov (Rus), K.Antonenko (Ukr), E.Gorokhovskii (rus), B.Masrtangelo (USA), A.Korovina (Rus), N.Lamanova (Rus), Craig Purcell (USA), Evrica Jungle (Rus), Michele Brody (USA), Leonid Firsov (Rus), Boris Ulkin (Rus) and Svetlana Kupriajaniva (Rus).



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