Anna Banana
The Queendom of Bananaland consists of two islands; Motherland, out of which, the Fatherland emerged. The Bible got it all wrong. It was the female that came first. When the Motherland was split by a enormous volcanic eruption, her surface skin of land peeled back and the Fatherland, shot forth in one long stream of lava, landing in the ocean beside Motherland, a fully formed island the shape of the Motherland before she erupted. The peoples of these islands live peaceful, creative lives, cultivating bananas and other tropical fruits and vegetables. The women live on the Motherland, the men on the Fatherland. They have annual festivities celebrating their fortuitous history, during which the women visit the Fatherland to re-enact the original conception of that island, and/or to give birth. They then return to their sacred island for another year of song and dance. When boy children, raised on the Motherland, reach the age of puberty, they are re-introduced to their fathers, with whom they then take up residence.