Uwe Bressem

Mutterland - Vaterland
Motherland - Fatherland
Motherland and Fatherland are two different words and as well , these words mean something totally different to me. Motherland - that is my land - the origin of everything - the land I carry in my heart .It is that piece of ground where I grew up, where I felt the cold and snow in the winter and enjoyed the sunshine during summertime. Motherland is the little area I was able to discover on my journeys by foot as a child. In my memory, motherland is the time of ripe strawberries, unguiltyness and innocence , tolerance and peace. Everthing good I experienced as it only can be given by a mother . Motherland lasts forever. Wise tribes always name their land motherland. Fatherland is the counterpart of it all. A synonym for death and destruction and abuse. Fatherland - the word - was created by men, it produces soldiers. Fatherland destroys the environment for profit?s sake. "For God and fatherland" just means someone wants to misuse me. Fatherland is a demagogic suggestion. Only mother is certain, the primary source of all things.