Michael Hernandez de Luna

I made two new works with this idea in mind, the idea of Fatherland / Motherland. I think my references to this idea fall in the several categories of War, Crime, and Religion. However in my culture, being Mexican and Mexico, the birth place ot my parents this idea falls to a saying: mi tierra / My Land. So, I choose my place - Chicago. I think the most popular event in Chicago history might be awarded to Mr. Al Capone and his gangland style era ot: Bootlegging, Kidnapping, Murder, Prostitution, Gambling, and Extortion. To this day when ever I'm on holidays abroad, someone always refers to my place In a mime performance of a machine gun shooting movement while annunciating "Shee-Ka- go"... The most recent event falls in the category of religion, this is the fail of of a Christian icon the Reverend Jessie Jackson, Working under the A-frame of God and morality... And just another man with the same weaknesses as man - WOMAN. My stamp sheet captures this love triangle, as a breakdown of moral ideology of a irreverent man and a moral upset of the contradictions of sermons: ADULTERY and creation of the bastard child. We must remember, he was Bill Clinton's spiritual advisor.