Jas W. Felter


Mu is the mythic sunken continent in the Pacific Ocean. It is recognized as The Motherland and existed above sea level more than 50,000 years ago. During Earth's antediluvian era Mu was home to a commonwealth of states ruled by the theocracy of MRAUR. Mraur established Missions in many regions of the world, such as those areas now knows as iraq, Egypt, Tibet, Central America, Peru and Bolivia, to name a few. In these regions, as well as many others, the remains of the Mraurovian Missions can still be seen as the megalithic structures and stone statuary of supposedly 'unknown' origin. Modern science has led some to believe that Mu never sank below the ocean, but instead, suffered greatly during the last polar shift when the magnetic poles of the planet dramatically shifted, placing the South Pole in the center of the Continent of Mu.