Bruce Grenville
New Zealand


Tibet is an ancient land, located on a high plateau in Central Asia. Our peace-loving and non-violent ancestors have dewelled there for eons, and our central focal point is the Potala, in our capital city Lhasa. Few folks today are in the sad predicament of having their fatherland trampled under foreign troops. the secularist regime of China invaded Tibet in 1950, and assumed total control in 1959, when our guide, the Dalai Lama XIV, went into exile in India. Thousands of Tibetans have since also fled into exile around the glove. Today, China is actively committing genocide, by tying to exterminate the Tibetan language, culture, religion, and race. Tibetan women are forced to marry Chinese troops - and the children then sent to China for education and brainwashing. Our only hope today is our peace-loving guide, the Dalai Lama. He has inspired people world around with his message of non-violence and peace: remarkable for someone who daily suffers pain and tears as he weeps for his people. In 2002, Occussi-Ambeno issued a call for everyone to help free Tibet. There were two stamps issued, 60? and $3, each printed in mini sheets of six, which depict the Dalai Lama.