Carolyn S.Martin


  Beltaro Poste This Official Special Issue of Beltaro Poste shows Castle Wight, one of the oldest occupied castles on planet of Beltaro. It is located in the village of Stolayvul and is surrounded by forest-covered hills. The two birds depicted on the stamp are "The Golden Breeamina", the National Bird of Beltaro. The first bird (lower left) is looking "back" to the past for Counsel and Guidance. The second bird (upper right) is looking "forward" to the future. Shown in the lower right is the Official Flag of Beltaro. The four stars on the white field represent the four main land masses of Beltaro. The large red star with three tails represents the Mainland of Beltaro, the top larger blue star represents the next largest island of Anacaro, and the smaller two blue stars represent the smaller islands in order of size, Marstanarie and Junastevia. The three tails represent Beltaro's "Three Ancient Ones" or Prophets. The Fatherland of Beltaro has continually protected, supported and nurtured its people since Ancient Times. It will, without a doubt, continue on this course well into the future.