Andrew Oleksiuk

Genetic Memory Narrative Postage Genetic Memory Narrative Postage stamp places the concept of artistamp production within the framework of Motherland / Fatherland. Since normal postage communicates the interests of the state (potential Motherland / Fatherland), artistamps can reflect the interest and history of the individual. Further, genetic memory is symbolic of the search for memory of a pre-historical space inhabited by Mothers, Fathers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, and Great-Grandparents, etc. after empire, revolution, sovereignty and war, and subsequent emigration and immigration. "Narrative postage" is a play on "postal narrative" or the search for history through normal philatelic and postal history documents. In one case, a letter from Grandmother with United States postage in 1955 is symbolic of her immigration there; a letter from Grandmother with Poland postage is symbolic of the governmental authority in 1935; a symbolic of political struggle; and a letter from Cousin with Ukraine postage in 2002 continues the narrative chain to the present linking history and memory to self and present.