Michael Thompson


The stamps in this show represent a small segment of a body of work that has been done over the course of almost 10 years. They are part of a project which involves the creation and mailing of fake postage stamps from various countries in the hopes of getting them canceled. The difficulty with this project is its reliance on people who are visiting foreign countries to actually mail the envelopes during their visit. My suspicion is that often the envelopes are dumped en mass into a single mailbox and discovered by postal authorities, or worse I fear that sometimes they are disposed of due to the inability to find sufficient mailboxes for depositing. Consequently the rate of return is often zero. Another problem is that I am often told of a trip just days prior to leaving which left little time to come up with a successful design. I eventually began a file on various countries which allowed me to save pictures and stories for later use. In retrospect though I do not feel that the Russian series succeeded, taken as a whole they are without a theme, seem hasty and disconnected and lacking the political and social edge that I strive to include in my work. While each of these
stamps has been successfully mailed from each country, I will continue to work to complete a a body of work worthy of Russia.