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Seattle Print Fair

Jas W. Felter's note
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Sam Davidson at the Davidson Galleries in Seattle asked me for ideas on presenting artistamps made with fine art techniques (etching, lithograph, woodcut, linocut, seriograph, etc). I informed him that I didn't know of enough artists who were using such techniques to make a collective exhibition possible and I suggested that artists who had made artistamps be invited to send a design to me using (if possible) the words Seattle Print Fair in the design. These designs would be made into rubber stamps and the rubber stamps used to created limited edition prints using fine art inks and paper. I invited eleven artists to send me their designs. I then sent these 11 designs (plus one of my own, to Picasso (Bill) Gaglioni in Chicago. Picasso had the designs made into rubber stamps and sent the set of 12 to Sam Davidson in Seattle. Unfortunately there was not enough time to produce the finished prints and the event was cancelled.

Jas W Felter, March 1, 2007
West Vancouver, Canada