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Clemente Padin

HOMELAND is a word-valise that was invented in order to erase the contradiction between MATHERLAND and FATHERLAND. In Spanish, we have only the word HOMELAND that comes of the Latin "PATER" which means FATHER. One of the few positive things of globalization is the idea of erasing borders. The fact that somebody is born in a determined place is fruit of chance. I was born in URUGUAY but I could have been born in RUSSIA or in CANADA. In my artistamp MATHERLAND I want to express the utopic hope of Peace and Universal Harmony. FATHERLAND on the other hand, seems to me authoritarian - making all individuality disappear through the mechanisms of the State - about to subdue the people and enslave to its whim. I imagine HOMELAND as the feather of a bird, as imagined by Guillermo Deisler - a place without borders, infinite, without frontiers, without flags, a single HOMELAND for all.